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Anstey Barton
82 Ferry Road, Kettering. 7155
Tasmania, Australia
$350.00AU per person per day – inc GST
Bookings are essential


Phone: 03 6267 4199
Fax: 03 6267 4433
International Telephone: 61 3 6267 4199
International Fax: 61 3 6267 4433
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Why Select Merrell Shoes for Hiking

Why Select Merrell Shoes for Hiking

Participating in outdoor activities gives you sudden bursts of energy and allows you to remain enveloped in Mother Nature’s glory. However, without the proper Merrell shoes for hiking, this gallop through the wilderness can soon turn into an aching limp. Choosing the proper shoes helps to provide you with support and balance is well.

Hiking is an activity that keeps you on your feet, and, therefore, you need to treat your feet properly. Failure to purchase the right Merrell shoes could mean that your hiking expedition comes to a fast end. If you aren’t wearing the right shoes, you may be unable to continue on the journey. In that case, the rest of your group either must go on without you, or the day must be rescheduled until you have acquired the proper footwear. 

Without the right Merrell hiking shoes –, you can do damage to your feet. You may end up with painful blisters or scuffed-up heels that would not have happened if you were wearing the proper shoes. While these pains might seem minor now, imagine trying to go through a day of working, practicing soccer or chasing the kids around the playground when you have such pain in your foot.

Not only are the right Merrell shoes related to the comfort of your foot, but foot pain can travel up your legs and into your back. When you have the right support from a pair of Merrell shoes, you are taking steps to provide for the comfort of your body overall.

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